My inspiration for a perfect Christmas table…

December 17th, 2015

Well it is time to start counting the sleeps! I hope the pre-Christmas craziness hasn't been too stressful & you don’t have too many pressies left to buy! If you are wanting an easy last minute gift idea we have gorgeous gift cards available - can be made for any value, have no expiry date & can be posted to you or direct to the lucky recipient! Simply hit reply if you are interested & if ordered by Friday I can ensure delivery in time for Christmas :)

I will continue the festive theme this week with a round up of bar carts dressed beautifully for celebration. Even if you don’t own a bar cart, some kind of drinks station set up is a real game changer when entertaining.

A selection of glasses, ice bucket & tongs, jug or dispenser of water, straws & a bowl of lemon/lime wedges set up in close proximity to the booze not only looks fun, but makes your job as glam, unflappable host that much easier! It will save you running to the kitchen every five minutes for glasses or directing people to the water/ice, simply keep the station stocked & you have more time to relax & enjoy the celebration knowing your guests are being kept well hydrated & of course in party mode as the day wears on!

Above Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Above Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Live bright,

Natalie x

My Easy DIY Santa Sack

December 14th, 2015 tagged as DIY

It is a fact that kids make Christmas more fun & although our little one will still be ‘cooking’ till 2016, I have not been able to resist buying a few Christmas gifts for ‘junior'… ok I will admit I may have gotten a little over excited & taken things too far in creating this Santa sack to fill with pressies & pop under the tree for our little man ;) !

This DIY might look daunting for the ’non-crafty’ & you will need use of a sewing machine but I guarantee this is super simple - only 6 straight lines to stitch, a novice could whip this up in under an hour. I picked up the materials from Spotlight for under $35.00 & yes of course you could buy a cute Santa sack ready made, but there is a certain satisfaction & ‘specialness’ in creating your own - you can design it to tie in with your festive scheme or how about creating a personalised, one of a kind design for each child? I would love to know if you give this DIY a go...

My five point star template was found here & printed to fill an A4 page.

Live bright,
Natalie x

My ‘better late than never’ easy DIY advent calendar

December 4th, 2015 tagged as DIY

Ok, so I realise it is the 3rd of December, but when you leave it till December 1st to go in search of an advent calendar you quickly discover it mission impossible & desperate measures are required if you don’t want to come home to disappointed kiddies (or in my case a disappointed ‘big kid’ of a husband!)

This DIY is so very simple, with the exception of the paper bags I had all of the materials at home & it only took about half an hour to create! I am pretty pleased with how it turned out - a fun piece that can sit proudly on the mantle & tie into our festive decorating scheme. (with the added bonus - I am back to wife of the year status ;) If you have a go at this DIY I would love to know how you get on!

Live bright,
Natalie x

A peek at our little man’s nursery design…

November 25th, 2015 tagged as Decorating

Firstly, a quick mention that we have had such a great reaction to the release of our new summer collection (if you missed the new campaign in last week's newsletter you can find it here). We are now running very low in stock on almost all bar cart styles - just a heads up in case you are wanting Roy, Terrance or Harvey to help you celebrate the silly season! ;)

If you follow Bowerhouse on Instagram you might already know I am pregnant with my 1st - having entered into this new, strange & wonderful world, I may be clueless when it comes to swaddling, sleep routines & travel systems but I have LOVED designing a dreamy nursery for our little man & thought I might share the design journey with you today...

The starting point was this gorgeous vintage kantha quilt that somehow found it’s way into the linen closet ;) Red with a subtle white print, blue stitching & soft cream/grey check reverse.

Although the quilt provides a bright burst of colour, overall I wanted a soft, calming space so have decided on keeping the walls white & layering a few shades of blue with cream & touches of natural wood for warmth. Below is my storyboard with inspiration images for the room...

Above Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

I didn't want to go too themed & didn’t want anything overly 'babyish' in the space, so although there are many irresistibly cute baby mobiles & cushions around, I wanted pieces that would grow with our little man, artwork that wouldn’t look out of place in an 8yr old's room or pieces like the wallhanging, armchair & 'eye eye' art print that could be swapped out to a living space when his room gets updated down the track. Even though we know we are having a boy, like clothing purchases, I am trying to stay fairly gender neutral so key pieces can be used again if we have a girl in the future. Below the moodboard & product list/shop links...

Product List;

  1. Mobile - Castle & Things paper sculptures to string & hang from the ceiling for a fun pop of colour.
  2. Fine Little Day Eye, Eye poster
  3. 'The Whale', Terry Fan art print
  4. Louie Luxe custom floating type name (note Archie is not our chosen child's name :)
  5. Kalon Studios Caravan Cot - In my opinion the most attractive cot going around - converts to a beautiful toddler bed & could also be used in a playroom as a daybed/lounge. If we decide not to splurge on the cot we will go for this budget friendly option.
  6. Featherstone armchair
  7. Fog Linen cotton baby blanket
  8. Purebaby bunny rug
  9. Pappiyon Design custom cot sheet
  10. Bowerhouse vintage kantha quilt
  11. Kippins 'River' comforter
  12. Finklestein handmade Elephant
  13. Ububub Booksie Bookshelves - In love with these genius designed bookshelves that display those gorgeous book covers making it easy to find your child's fave & turns them into works of art.
  14. Bowerhouse handwoven wallhanging
  15. Bright Beige 'Chasing Whales' print
  16. Bloomingville Wooden Pull-along Train
  17. Bowerhouse Natural Seagrass baskets - as laundry & toy baskets.
  18. Ikea Mandal Chest of Drawers to double as change table

Live bright,

Natalie x