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Interiors inspired by the great outdoors…

March 29th, 2013 tagged as The Great Outdoors

Well the car is packed and we are off on a little road trip down to gorgeous Margaret River for a camping weekend with friends.

So excited for a weekend with no lap-top or Facebook, going on walks and little adventures, visiting some amazing wineries and long chats around the camp fire at night!

I can report that the Bowerhouse tribe beach tote makes the most amazing weekender bag, its huge and the fabric is so hard wearing and machine washable so ideal for camping 
Image: Bowerhouse Instagram feed

I like to think of myself as an expert packer, but when it comes to packing for camping, I find it hard to leave my 'precious but completely non-camp site appropriate' luxuries behind…..Is it bad that I want to bring along a kantha quilt to pretty up our air-bed situation?
Image: Bowerhouse Instagram feed

I have put together a collection of lovely and inspiring interior images that celebrate Autumn and 'going rugged' in the Great Outdoors…

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Wishing you a lovely long Easter weekend!

Natalie x

3 coffee table looks to inspire…

March 22nd, 2013

One of my top 'go to' blogs is STYLE.LIFE.HOME, created by Noosa based stylist Simone Barter, I follow her gorgeous posts every week, and im so excited she has agreed to share some coffee table styling tips with us!

Words & Images Simone Barter

Like Bowerhouse I am a big believer in using different and interesting pieces to create a wonderful personal space. I was so excited when Natalie asked me to create 3 coffee table looks, often our coffee tables are the last thing we think of when decorating.

I believe our sense of interior style is all about how it fits in with our family, lifestyle and space, with this in mind I hope you enjoy my looks and styling tips and you find an idea that is inspiring and easy to add into your home.

This look takes inspiration from Scandinavian style interiors, which are renowned for their simple, understated elegance, lots of white and light and nature is always a strong element.

In this space the unique coffee table is a beautiful feature, I collected the stumps from a friend's farm, grouping them together adds visual interest and they become a sculptural element in the room.

When adding accessories, use a soft natural colour palette. An element of greenery - an indoor plant like a succulent is another trend embraced in ‘scandi style’ and adds a fresh pop of colour while keeping with the simple, natural style.

I also move these stumps all around my home they are great as bed side tables or extra seating when entertaining outside.

This look is laid back, it’s a ‘feet up’ kind of coffee table with space for many accessory elements.

Don’t be afraid to display your ‘every day objects’ - stack magazines, display favorite books, a box of matches and candles and a low bunch of freshly picked flowers.

This looks isn’t precious, its ever changing and helps creates a relaxed and interesting space.

A round table can soften a room and is great to use in small spaces. I also like to add a round, small coffee table in between 2 armchairs for a cozy seating area.

A round surface can be tricky to style, try to huddle objects in a small group and and don’t add too many as it can make the look crowded and uneven. Some books are stacked underneath to give the coffee table depth.

I hope you have enjoyed and are inspired to re-style.


Simone Barter is an interiors & props stylist based in Noosa, Queensland Australia. Please follow Simone’s beautiful blog STYLE.LIFE.HOME and find her on pinterest and facebook


Style a Tropical Colour Pop Table with Bowerhouse

March 15th, 2013

Here in Perth I have woken to our first real cold/rainy day for the year :( If like me you are clinging to the last of the summer weather for dear life, you might love this week's table setting, it's the last in the series, I hope I have provided a few useful tips and you are inspired to have some fun and get creative next time you set the table!

This look oozes summery appeal, and would inject some colourful fun to your next soiree - im imagining it accompanied by a cool, summer playlist.... some Vampire Weekend, Bob Marley, the wonderful Brazilian sounds of Joao Gilberto, and winding the party down with a little Jack Johnson.

The gorgeous fuschia pop of our Pilgrim placemats & table runner is fun and creates instant wow factor, the colour pop is balanced out with natural elements - the Calypso rattan plate chargers, giant shell bowl and foliage. The glass pieces have a clean/classic design so as not to 'fight' with the other elements and textures.

A few vintage pieces add to the 'beach house' vibe... wooden pineapple shape bowls, a pink glass vintage fishing float sits looking beautiful and a beautiful large shell I found at a charity store holds limes so they are on hand for Gin & Tonics.

Other idea's using sea shells.... A large clam shell filled with lemon water makes a beautiful finger bowl, or borrow an idea from interior stylist Sibella Court's book 'Bowerbird' and use large oyster shells as salt & pepper bowls.

The bird of paradise foliage from mum's garden is striking and simple, and keeps with the 'tropical' feel, the height, gives the table an added dimension & interest.

Nat's Quick Tips…

1. Keep the number of different textures/materials to a minimum - e.g. coloured cotton, plain/simple glass, rattan and wood for this look
2. Raid your garden for interesting foliage for inexpensive centrepieces
3. Add items of height to give your look dimension
4. Think creatively and give decorative objects like shells a new purpose for your setting
5. Mix vintage with new to give your look character

One last important tip… set your table the night before - it allows you to take the time and effort to make it special without that last minute stress!



Style a Vintage Eclectic Table with Bowerhouse

March 9th, 2013

This eclectic look perfect for an evening under the stars has a rich, moody edge which comes from the use of brass elements and a strong colour pallet.

For this setting you can really see the value of sticking to a colour pallet, although the decorative objects don't match each other, it works because they are related by colour or material. I have chosen my favourite colour combo for this look - Charcoal Grey and Mustard/Yellow always work beautifully together.

Most of the decorative objects on this table are thrifted, I believe mixing borrowed or thrifted vintage pieces with your new bought items is crucial - it gives your table interest and character and helps to tell a story.

Here you will also see objects are arranged in an informal way, your arrangement does not need to be symmetrical to work, have a play with how you position objects - mixing heights, colours, texture, clustering pieces together and spacing them apart until you are happy with the effect.

Adding to the eclectic feel I have mixed silver & gold cutlery, it works as all the cutlery has a vintage, decorative pattern which tie's them together.

For this look I have used the le marias linen rectangle tablecloth in Slate and pilgrim coasters in Marigold, dinner plates are my own and all other items are thrifted from my own collection. A natural element comes in through some wild, dried grasses and branches found on a recent bush walk.

Nat's Quick Tips…

  1. Remember to stick to a colour palette
  2. Take a walk to collect dried grasses and branches for an interesting natural centrepiece
  3. Don't be afraid to break the rules, mix & match odd plates, cutlery - stick to your colour/material palette and it will work!
  4. Centerpiece objects don't need to be positioned symmetrically to look harmonious
  5. Mix vintage with new to give your look character