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Read this if you’re desperately longing for sunshine & pina coladas…

August 29th, 2013

Here is a little teaser just for you - our Summer 14 collection & campaign moodboard..I hope it inspires and brings some sunshine to your day!

Image Credits; 1 & 4 Natalie for Bowerhouse, 2. Styling by Marie Olsson Nylander via Vosges Paris, 3. SF Girl by Bay, 5. via Voges Paris, 6. Bella Mumma, 7. Tales of Endearment, 8. Lauren Bamford, 9. Joanne Coyle, 10. Pinterest


The 2 key colours for the new collection are a yummy 'Persimmon' and 'Chalky Aqua', a colour combo I am very fond of for interiors. Orange and blue are known as complimentary colours - when placed together they create a very strong contrast & reinforce/stabilise each other. They are beautiful together in any colour shade - a collection of apricot & aqua cushions scattered on a couch, a zingy orange quilt teamed with royal blue cushions on a bed or a tan leather armchair sitting in front of an inky navy painted wall - it just works!

Orange and Blue also make an exciting and fresh unisex colour combo for a nursery (if you are a fellow Offspring fan - through the tears in last season's final eposide, you may not have caught a good glimpse of Nina's beautiful nursery done up in sky blue and bright citrus orange - watch out for it next season!)

You can introduce blue and orange to a space in a subtle way or really pack a punch with something bold - I have put together a moodboard of beautiful interiors working the orange and blue magic…

Image Credits; 1. Pinterest, 2. Project Nursery, 3. Apartment Therapy, 4. Annie Schlechter via Coastal Living.com, 5. Emily Summers Design, 6. Natalie Bloom's home - The Design Files, 7. Barcelona home by studio eguey seta, 8. via jaclyn paige, 9. Habitually Chic


3 steps to create a living room to fall in love with…

August 23rd, 2013

Welcome to part 3 of my kitchen/dining/living space share! If you missed the previous posts in the series - my man and I are in the final stages of our house build and I have been sharing the design process and inspiration for each space in the hope the ideas might inspire your next build, reno or room update.


As always I start with mood boarding - collating images that reflect the look and feel I hope to achieve. Continuing from the kitchen & dining the general feel of this open plan space is light and open; a white backdrop with warmth, interest, contrast and texture introduced through furniture, soft furnishings and artwork. You can find more living room inspiration on the Bowerhouse Pinterest board.

Above Image Credits:

Interior Design by Shareen Joel - Photo by Sharyn Cairns, Styling Glen Proebstel for Inside Out Magazine,
Est Magazine
AS House Design by Guilherme Torres Pictures and Gallery via ArchiiNoepahjertet Blog
The Design Files


The main pallet for the living space will be neutral with a few pops of colour through cushions & art. Above is the pallette/scheme for our kitchen/dining/living area - below are the living space elements explained;

(10) Flooring - Holcim 'Eucalyptus' polished concrete used throughout the whole ground floor.
(2) Walls - Dulux 'natural white', a lovely classic white with a hint of warmth.
(6) Charcoal fabric for sofa upholstery
(8) Inspired by the lovely moodboard images, dining chairs will be in contrasting black.
(11&12) Bowerhouse Textiles for cushions on couch

By laying out swatches and samples of all finishes in a space you can easily see the all the elements will work together, rather than trying to imagine a sofa fabric colour against your floor and crosssing your fingers you can actually see it before making the important purchases.


Our living area is a narrow space so this has dictated much of our furniture/decor choices...

  • Jardan 'Nook' Sofa - We have yet to decide on the sofa, but top on my list is this gorgeous Australian designed & made one.
  • Bowerhouse 'Drum' Stool - With only space for 1 sofa, a couple of these will come in handy for extra seating and can be pulled across to the dining area if we are ever short on dining chairs for visitors.
  • Bowerhouse 'Barrel' side table (in store soon!) - due to the narrowness of the room we will go with the more versatile option of a couple of side tables rather than a coffee table - they can be sat side by side and easily moved around to suit how we are using the space.
  • Rug - will help define the space and bring warmth as the flooring is polished concrete.
  • Bowerhouse 'Legacy' cushion for a pop of colour and texture.
  • Ikea 'Besta' Entertainment unit in gloss white - the simple, streamlined TV unit is practical, good looking and friendly on the budget - its also sold by the individual unit, we will order enough to run across the entire TV wall and go for the wall hung/no legs option so it will almost look custom & 'built in'.
  • Cecilia Gardiner Print
  • Max Wanger 'New York' print

Natalie x

A behind the scenes peek at my dining room…

August 20th, 2013

Today I am sharing more of my home design inspiration - the dining area! If you missed last week's post on the adjoining kitchen area plans you can find them here.


Our dining space is in the center of an open plan kitchen/dining/living area, a place to gather - close to the kitchen when friends & family visit. We will keep furniture simple and classic in this space with a few pieces of art on the walls for colour and a beautiful feature pendant which will become the centerpiece of the whole room. If space is limited, its always a good idea to go for furniture with simple, streamlined, classic lines rather than bulky and ornate.

As you can see from the moodboard, I was inspired by light, white spaces, with simple, streamlined furniture and large feature pendant lighting & artwork. The moodboard also reflects the general colour pallet of concrete, wood and black.

Above Image Credits: 1. photo Bo Bedre via La Maison Anna G Blog 2. photo Dan Gordn for Skona Hem via From Scandinavia with love blog 3. Copenhagen home - Dwell 4. Bowerhouse 5. Madam Stoltz 6. Abaton


Above is the pallette/scheme for our whole kitchen/dining/living area - below are the dining space elements explained;

(10) Flooring - Holcim 'Eucalyptus' polished concrete used throughout the whole ground floor.
(2) Walls - Dulux 'natural white', a lovely classic white with a hint of warmth.
(7) Dining table in wood - will ground the whole space and bring warmth, important for us in a largely white space.
(8) Inspired by the lovely moodboard images, dining chairs will be in contrasting black.
(9&11) A pop of chartreuse green & warming orange in our artwork.


Decorative elements on my wishlist...

Marimekko 'Paaryna' fabric framed - beautiful fabrics are an economical way to create large artworks - fabric panel widths are often around 150cm wide.
Bowerhouse 'Legacy' vintage textile art
Bowerhouse 'Islander' pendant light - (in store soon) - the contrast black will tie back with the dining chairs and be a beautiful stand-out feature in the all white space.
Freedom 'Henderson' dining table
Casamania 'Stereo' chairs
Bowerhouse 'Harvey Bar Cart' - to assist with easy entertaining and a way to introduce fun and colour to the space with glassware and bottles.

I hope by sharing my design notes it may trigger some inspiration or ideas for your space - next week I will share our living room plans!

Natalie x

Revealed: My new kitchen design plans & inspiration

August 8th, 2013

We are finally on the 'home' stretch for our build which is very exciting, I have been sharing the design adventures of the house in previous posts in the hope that it may inspire your next build, reno or room update; today I thought I would share the design plans and 'inspo' for the all important kitchen space....


As with many homes these days our kitchen/dining/living is an open plan space, therefore the kitchen style was designed in context with the whole space which we wanted to feel white & light. We decided on adding wood elements for warmth, some black for a beautiful contrast and colour & fun through art, rugs & textiles.

As you can see from our kitchen mood board above, I have collected images of spaces with lovely white kitchens that have feature decorative elements that bring interest and spark to the whiteness - I hope to achieve a similar look and prove that an all white kitchen need not be boring!

Above Image Credits:
1. ICI cafe, Brussels, photo via Studio Nord
2. loftenberg
3. Domus Nova Property for sale via Desire to Inspire
4. BaksvanWengerden, SH House via This is paper
5. Desire to Inspire
6. Tracey Kendall Wallpaper
7. Clare Cousins Moor St Apartment Project (Architect)


Our open plan kitchen/dining/living is a fairly small area, so the key criteria for decorating this space is keeping it white, light and bright.

The other key design consideration for us is re-sale - although we won't be moving any time soon, it won't be our 'forever' home so for expensive items like kitchen fittings and flooring it was important to choose neutral, classic finishes that will stand the test of time.

Above is the pallette/scheme for our whole kitchen/dining/living space but today I will just focus on the kitchen elements;

  • (10) Flooring - We decided on something special for the flooring - Holcim 'Eucalyptus' polished concrete - its an investment, but the wow factor it gives the space is so worth it.
  • (2) Walls - are in Dulux 'natural white', a lovely classic white with a hint of warmth.
  • (1) Feature chalkboard wall - we decided to paint a 1m wide section of wall that sits between 2 full height windows in black-board paint to bring some fun & interest.
  • (3) Benchtops - white composite stone
  • (4) All cabinetry is in Polytech 'classic white' gloss
  • (5) Appliances are in stainless steel & black glass


The decorative elements in this largely white space are important as they will give it the 'punch' to take it beyond a plain white kitchen;

I hope these thoughts and ideas have helped in some way for your next interior project! Next week I will share my ideas for the dining space!

Natalie x