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My Home Build Series: The Master Bedroom

October 28th, 2013

Firstly a huge thanks to the great response I have had so far to the new catalogue and collection! I have spent most of the past couple of weeks packing orders, its so great to know you are loving the new pieces!

There are only a couple of spaces so far in our new house that I have not shared with you so will be doing so over the next few weeks and hope to share some of the finished results once we are all moved in. If you missed the previous installations in the 'home build' series, I have been sharing my design process and inspirations for each space in the hope that it inspires some ideas for your next build, renovation or update. The master bedroom should be a place that induces relaxation at night and an inspiring space to wake up to and feel excited to start the day, here are my ideas to create a perfect bedroom sanctuary in your home...


Above Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

The design process starts with a moodboard, a collection of images that display the look & feel that you want to achieve. When searching for inspiration I loved the calm, muted & relaxed bedroom spaces, but was also drawn to bedrooms with some colour and texture introduced. Inspired by these images - I want to create a calm, sophisticated space with a mainly neutral pallet, lots of white, with the contrast of dark and some colour, texture & interest in artwork, feature cushions & throws. Hopefully you can see how the inspiration above has translated into the colour pallet, finishes & decor choices below - If you keep coming back to your moodboard when making selections it will keep your vision strong and consistent.


  1. Carpet - Hycraft 'Carramar' in Buckwheat - We went for this lovely loop pile carpet in 100% New Zealand wool, being a natural fibre, it has great insulating properties and is lovely and soft under foot. It is an 'oatmealish' colour with a slight greyish undertone so will work with cool or warm coloured decorating tones.
  2. Bed - We bought our bed about 5 years ago, its a sleek modern yet classic design and is in a lovely 'zebrano' wood.
  3. Painted wall in Dulux 'Western Myall' - we chose this gorgeous dark charcoal for the wall at the head of the bed - creates lovely contrast in the room and gives it a moody, sophisticated edge. I highly recommend this colour if you want a true charcoal - some greys can be blue/purple or greenish once you paint them - this is a lovely balanced charcoal grey.
  4. All other walls painted in Dulux 'Natural White'


To keep the space un-cluttered and calm, we will have minimal furniture and decorative items, however the feature pieces we do introduce will bring all important beauty, colour and texture to the space;

  1. Bowerhouse 'Basket' pendant bedside light
  2. Bowerhouse 'Legacy' art a feature for above the bed
  3. Bowerhouse 'Barrel' side table as bedside tables
  4. Bowerhouse 'Button-Up Painted Stripe' cushion
  5. The 7th Duchess 'Flor De Jamaica' scented candle
  6. Bowerhouse vintage kantha quilt
  7. Freedom 'Box floor mirror'
  8. Grundig App driven alarm clock
  9. Kindle 'Fire' e-reader - for the ritual night-time read
  10. Sheridan 'Leon' Quilt cover set in white & 'Reilly' vintage wash chambray sheet set in fog - currently on sale (not shown) Natalie x

Gorgeous guest bedrooms + 1st peek at the new collection!

October 6th, 2013

This week's post was a request from mum, now that 3 of her 4 children have 'flown the coop' she is looking to create a welcoming guest bedroom, I too have been pondering what makes the perfect guest room while planning our new place and I thought it would be nice to share some inspiration and ideas.

To kick things of I wanted to share a gorgeous bedroom look from the new Bowerhouse campaign, which has not yet been released!

To me it has the makings of a perfect guest room, with its comfortable layers, warm colours & welcoming, relaxed style...

Image: Photograped by Jody D'Arcy, styled by Jo Carmichael (Style and Focus) for Bowerhouse Summer 14 campaign

All pieces in store soon and available to pre-order, email natalie@bowerhouse.com.au for more info;
'Your Time To Shine' Legacy framed artwork
Barrel side table (Natural)
'Hiranya' vintage kantha quilt
'Rupinder' vintage kantha quilt
Legacy cushion
'Painted' cushion
Ikat kantha cushion (Silver)
Jute Rug


Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

A guest room possibly won't be used or seen as much as the rest of the home, so you can really have a bit of a play here as far as the style and look goes.

What would your perfect comfortable & relaxing space look like? A simple, minimal 'white on white' look, a fresh and colourful mix of colours & textures, or something in between?

Go with what you love in this space, but whatever the style, keep the space uncluttered. You want the space to feel welcoming for your guest and you dont want too many objects dotted around collecting dust.

Apart from somewhere to sleep, there are a few 'must have' pieces for a guest bedroom - lovely fresh bedding, a bedside table surface, some hanging space, an alarm clock, lamp - then you can have some fun adding some non-essential touches to the space to make it that bit more special and memorable for your guests...

Below I have collated a list of items to help create a beautiful guest bedroom...

Fresh, fluffy towels on the bed really make a guest feel welcome.
'Palm Beach' Scented Candle - lit for when your guest arrives.
L'Occitane lavender hand cream - a completely non-essential but thoughtful touch of luxury.
Hanging space - if you dont have space for a wardrobe, an inexpensive free-standing hanging rack from somewhere like Ikea will do just fine, nice hangers are another non-essential but lovely detail.
Cotton Bedding - my go-to guest bedding is Ikea 'Ofelia Vass' quilt cover set - its a soft white, cotton with a lovely rippled texture.
Bowerhouse Kantha Quilts - for a pop of colour and interest on white bedding, can be flipped or swapped out when you want a new look.
Alarm clock with ipod/iphone dock
Ikea 'Mildra' water glass & carafe or jug
Bowerhouse 'Barrel' side table - provide a place for water, a book, alarm clock etc.
Bowerhouse 'Aztec' Legacy cushion - more colour & texture

Natalie x

My Home Build Series - The Ensuite…

October 3rd, 2013

Last week I shared our light & bright family bathroom design, this week im going to the dark side with a luxe and (can I say sexy?) ensuite, I hope my share will provide some ideas and inspiration for your own spaces...


Our ensuite has a pretty nifty layout that I thought I might share, a great way to make use of a smallish space and end up with a double vanity, large shower and separate toilet. The three zones are separated by a 3/4 height tiled wall - frosted glass pivot doors for the toilet & shower add a luxe hotel bathroom feel.


We wanted the ensuite to feel slick, sophisticated & luxe, I was inspired by dark slate tiling, luxurious fixtures and finishes, a charcoal & white pallet & introducing colour pops through floor mats and towels.

Images: 1, 2, 3 & 4, 5, 6


We went with a beautiful slate grey tile in 300 x 600 size on floor and full height on walls but left the 2 side walls in a simple white tile in the same 300 x 600 - it opens up the space so we dont feel too closed in with darkness. The benchtop is in a flecked white composite stone (supplied by our builder - try Caesarstone 'nougat' for similar) cabinet doors are in (Polytec thermolaminate gloss - 'classic white') with push/pull close so no handles to keep it looking streamlined. We have mirrored wall cabinets above the vanity for added storage.


Rain style shower head - for a touch of luxury
Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash - love everything in this range!
http://www.reece.com.au/bathrooms/products/roca-diverta-semi-recessed-basin" target="">Roca Semi Recessed Basin - the square shape matches our square tapware, and keeps with the modern, slick feel.
Towel Rail - A slimline towel rail that matches back to tapware shape.
Missoni 'Homer' bath mat - for a pop of colour.

Natalie x