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New Kantha Quilt Collection - Online now…

February 26th, 2014

A gorgeous new vintage kantha quilt collection has just landed and im excited to share it with you!

This collection is a beautiful array of geometric and floral patterns in summer citrus, coastal blues & warm terracotta tones. Laid on a bed the kantha quilt provides an instant facelift to any bedroom & they work equally as well in kids, teen or grown-up spaces. If a bedroom feels a bit dull or lacks inspiration, one of these quilts will brighten the space and could even provide you with a great starting point to decorate the space - tie the quilt colour in with a throw cushion and artwork for an easy room update!

Kantha quilts are also great thrown on a couch or armchair for a splash of colour and character, or take them outside, on a lounge or day bed or laid out on the grass for a place to relax or read in the sun.

The quilts are made from vintage Indian cotton, patchworked and hand stitched all over, each side is different, you get two looks in one quilt - if you feel like a fresh look, flip it over or fold the other way. Each piece is a one of a kind, with its own Indian Sanskrit name, a gorgeous piece you can use every day and treasure forever.

We also have a beautiful new kantha quilt style - this Indigo Shibori quilt is new, not vintage. It is an extra large size (235 x 270cm) so will fully cover a king or queen bed.

One side is a patchwork of hand dyed/printed floral and geometric designs, the reverse side is plain dyed indigo, the entire quilt is covered in hand stitched lines. Would look amazing in an all white bedroom or teamed with other blue tones - orange also looks fantastic teamed with indigo.

The 1st delivery of this beautiful quilt has already sold out, contact me to get 1st dibs on a piece in the next delivery due mid-end March. 

Natalie x

How to create the man cave of his (and your) dreams…

February 7th, 2014

If you have an allocated dude space in your house - be that a theatre or games room, home bar, den or study you might sympathise with the age old dilemma of creating a space that excites the man of the house but doesnt consist of scrappy posters, a stubby holder collection and mirrored beer signs.

This is the challenge facing the Mister & I and our theatre room aka 'man cave'. Although Mister has (almost) free reign & (90%) full control in this space it sits just off our main living area so I would really love for it to be a space that I can walk past without feeling nauseous.

Below is my virtual scrapbook of ideas that help to prove you can have a well designed place that is cool and 'manly' enough for the dude/dudes of the house...(Mister Bowerhouse - I hope you're reading!)

Neutral colour pallet...

Of course you can splash out with colour in this space if you like, but keeping the pallete simple & neutral is an easy way to instantly create a space that feels masculine yet sophisticated. Greys, browns, navy, black and white are great neutral colours to create a backdrop which you can then layer on interest through artwork, a patterned rug and interesting objects.

Above Images: 123456.

Tough finishes...

Go with leather, stone, concrete, wood & canvas for the finishes if you can, it will add to the masculine feel and make the pieces more hard wearing - this is not a space you want to have to worry about red wine & whisky stains! If your budget is tight, think outside the box - a wooden pallet on castors makes a great coffee table, search salvos & gumtree for a retro vintage couch or armchair in good condition.

Above Images: 123456.

Have fun...

Above Images: 123, 456.

Get creative & have fun with the space, it should reflect your guy's personality and passions...

Stacks of sporting books, a record collection, trophies, a signed rugby/football, an old baseball mitt can be displayed on shelves or an entertainment unit and look great with a little time taken to style them beautifully.

Sea charts, old squash or badminton rackets, vintage movie/music posters, sports programs, vintage surf photography prints or even pages ripped out from old surf mags make affordable & interesting artworks.

A BMX or racing bike, surfboard or guitar could be left leant against the wall if there is room? Skateboards or fishing rods could be propped on shelves or hung on large hooks on the wall.

A drinks station or bar cart is handy and a great place to show off their top shelf liquor collection (and makes a perfect valentines day gift for the guy who has everything).

I have found most men appreciate and enjoy being in a great space. Even if the man of your house is not the type to flick through the latest House & Garden magazine, given some ideas and some creative control, he will probably suprise you; and with just the tiniest, slightest bit of assistance from a feminine perspective he could end up creating an exciting space that he loves and that you feel proud to have in your home!


Natalie x