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Ideas from award winning spaces…

March 28th, 2014

Nominations for the 2014 Australian Interior Design awards have been announced and I have dreamily been perusing the gallery of beautiful shortlisted homes.

These spaces represent today's cutting edge architecture & interior design - although the styles might be too daring or extravagant for the average taste or budget, they make a wonderful place to steal ideas for layout, furniture pieces & colour/finish combinations that you may not have considered! I hope you find my pick of the spaces exciting & inspiring….

1. Neometro in collaboration with MA Architects

2. Designed by Robson RAK Architects

3. Designed by Atticus & Milo

4. Designed by Sisalla Interior Design

5. Designed by Clare Cousins Architects

6. Designed by Atticus & Milo

7. Designed by Mim Design

8. Designed by Neometro in collaboration with MA Architects

Images via here.

Lucy Feagins of The Design Files blog shared long awaited pics of her own gorgeous home this week, I am loving her classic, simple bedroom featuring a beautiful kantha quilt to provide the perfect touch of colour, texture and interest...

Image via The Design Files.

Natalie x

8 inspiring bedrooms especially for chair lovers…

March 14th, 2014

At the top of my 'spaces in our home that need filling mental list' is a corner of the master bedroom screaming out for a beautiful chair.

If space permits I believe every master bedroom should feature a chair, whether its a cosy spot to curl up and read or a place to drape clothing on those nights when 'the wardrobe feels too far'. A chair provides the perfect chance to inject another layer of beauty, interest and character to the bedroom.

Ive compiled a Pinterest board filled with 'occasional chair goodness' and picked my favourites to share that I hope will inspire the chair lover in you...

1. Sirocco chair by Arne Norell - Image via here

2. BKF or Butterfly chair - Image via here

3. Ikea Esbjorn chair - Image via here

4. Woven leather & wood chair - Image via here

5. Hans Wegner Plank chair - Image via here

6. Hans Wegner Plank chair - Image via here

7. Borg Morgensen Campaign chair - Image via here

8. Antique armchair - Image via here

To find danish chairs same or similar to the Arne Norell, Hans Wegner & Borg Morgensen above try 'Grandfathers Axe' or 'Modern Times'.

To find the BKF or Butterfly chair try Angelucci 20th Century or Muumuu

To find similar vintage or antique armchair try local vintage stores, Ebay or Gumtree.

For a beautifully designed, budget friendly option go check out your nearest Ikea chair section.

Natalie x


March 7th, 2014

I have an ever growing Pinterest board dedicated to open shelving in kitchen/dining zones - slightly ironic as we have just built a very clean, minimal kitchen with all closed cupboards apart from a small cookbook shelf!

There is something quite beautiful about open shelves or nooks in a kitchen, its a great way to bring colour & life to the space and a perfect place to display cookbooks, pretty collected ceramics, tea cups, glassware, or special plates/trays/boards.

I know open shelving isn't for everyone, it might take extra time to keep pieces arranged nicely and will be another place that needs dusting, but taking a look at the gorgeous images below might convert you!

If you have an older kitchen or you are renting, adding a couple of inexpensive shelves from Ikea could give you some much needed extra storage and style.

It seems to work really well in character country or industrial style kitchens but a simple streamline shelf can also break up a minimal, modern kitchen in an interesting way. Definitely something to consider for your next kitchen update, and if you are already blessed with open shelving hopefully I have inspired a new love affair!

Above Images: 12345678910

Do you have a decorating dilemma you are stuck on?

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