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10 beautiful moments you won’t want to miss…

April 25th, 2014

If you are following the Bowerhouse instagram feed, you might know our home was photographed this week by the wonderful Style & Focus girls Jody & Jo - the shoot is for an exciting magazine feature later in the year - it got me noticing and thinking about 'beautiful moments' in a homeā€¦

Above images: Natalie - Bowerhouse Instagram

...A heirloom or hand-me-down piece of furniture taking pride of place, the line of sight from one room to another and how 2 spaces beautifully connect, that 'perfectly imperfect' stack of books on a shelf, or a personal display of everyday items & treasures on a bedside table - those moments that surprise you, make you want to see more, that provide a snapshot, or tell a story about the people living there.

There is a Bowerhouse Pinterest board dedicated to inspiring moments like these & I have chosen a few to share with you today...

Above Images; 12345678910

Natalie x

12 gorgeous spaces to give you major ‘tile envy’...

April 23rd, 2014

Patterned tiles are 'having a moment' - I think they are wonderful & here to stay - definitely an option to consider for your next renovation or new build. If you have a character home then a patterned tile will sit beautifully in any room as though it was always there. If you take care in choosing the right pattern they can work in a modern home too...

We went for a patterned encaustic tile for a wall in our powder room & in the upstairs living room as a splash back for the bar/kitchenette. We wanted to inject some personality, surprise & fun in a way that wouldn't affect re-sale down the track. They are not in the main everyday living zones or in spaces where we could grow tired of them. We also chose a classic geometric colour & pattern that fits in with the modern, clean lines of our home.

Right Image: Bowerhouse Instagram splashback - 'urban diamond' tile Jatana Interiors.

Above Images: 123456.

If a pattered tile is too much for you, consider a more exciting shape or lay pattern for your tiles - tiles laid in a subway style pattern look wonderful in character homes, a different look can be achieved by changing the grout colour - using a grey grout on a white subway tile is an inexpensive way to achieve an amazing effect. You can also find rectangular tiles with bevelled edges or mirrored finish to give you a wow in an understated way.

Hexagonal shape tiles are also a beautiful option, as are diamond shaped tiles and laying tiles in a herringbone pattern. By keeping the tile colour to a simple, classic colour like white, grey or marble you let the interest of the tile shape or lay pattern create the wow factor.

Above Images: 123456.

You can find lots more 'tile lust' inspiration over on the Pinterest board.

Natalie x

3 tricks for effortlessly styled surfaces…

April 16th, 2014

Thanks to requests from a couple of lovely tribe members, today I am sharing my tips on styling a mantle piece or shelf. These are the basic 'rules' (***) I follow to help me create a vignette or styled surface - a little formula that makes it easier to arrange objects in a beautiful way!

(***I hate using the word 'rule' when it comes to style, there really is no right or wrong as long as long as you feel happy and confortable in a space, but there are some fundamental elements that will make a space look more cohesive and pleasing to the eye)

Colour & Material Pallette...

When grouping objects together on a surface, try to keep a colour and material theme running through - if you have 6 objects each in a different colour and texture it will be hard to make it look cohesive. By pulling together objects that relate to each other by colour or material your look will instantly be more pleasing to the eye.

Above Images; 1234.

Imaginary triangle...

Height plays an important part too - when arranging objects take a step back and overlay an imaginary triangle. As in the 4 vignettes pictured above you can see this working - its another simple trick that will give your grouping a sense of balance.

Above Images; 1234.

If in doubt keep it simple...

If you are in doubt, start really simple - pick 3 or 4 objects or elements and have a play with arranging - you might create one and come back to it a couple of days later to re-arrange, I am forever 'fluffing' around re-styling little corners of my home - the more you play the easier you will find it.... AND you definately dont need fancy or expensive objects to create your vignettes, a stack of magazines or a book, a candle, a vase of flowers, trinket box, framed photograph, a pebble or shell picked up from the beach - anything that you love and you find to be beautiful can be used.

Above Images; 1234,

I hope this inspires you to get 'fluffing'!

Natalie x

10 ‘green-spiring’ spaces + 5 gorgeous green quilts…

April 4th, 2014

Green colour kantha quilts never lasts long around here... they often sell out before making it to the shop and I always have customers who miss out on getting their hands on one, so today I am sharing with you a special small collection of gorgeous green vintage kantha quilts just in time for this cool change in weather!

Green is the color of balance & harmony, from a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of heart & emotions. The most restful color for the human eye, with a calming feel that renews and restores depleted energy & creates a sanctuary away from the stresses of everyday living.

When it comes to decorating, green is a versatile colour, on the 'colour wheel' it sits opposite red, pink & orange - which means it works really well with any of these colours to create a beautiful contrast. A pop of green in an all white space always looks fresh & if you throw in some black you have a winning combo.

Below I have put together a moodboard of spaces for some 'green-spiration',

Above Images: 12345678910.


These quilts are made from vintage Indian cotton, patchworked and hand stitched all over, each side of the quilt is different. Each piece is a one of a kind, with its own Indian Sanskrit name - a gorgeous piece you can use every day and treasure forever.

A kantha quilt would make a really special gift to delight your mum this mothers day - if you are buying as a gift, let me know & I will gift wrap for free!

Click here to see our full vintage kantha quilt collection.