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8 inspiring spaces that prove collections are cool…

May 29th, 2014

Do you own some kind of a collection? Perhaps it takes pride of place somewhere in your home or is it boxed away in the garage? Maybe you have the starting of a collection but not quite sure how to store/keep it?

(Apart from a well known obsession with handbags, vintage glassware & barware) over the years I have quietly built a small collection of semi precious stones & crystal points that is keep hidden in a box - I recently took them out to display on a shelf in the studio so I actually get to enjoy them every day & I am wondering why I didn't do this earlier!

Mid century pottery, Venetian glass, blue china or vintage tea cups, French wooden kitchen boards, hand woven baskets or tribal masks from exotic travels, it could be seashells & seaside flotsam, souvenir spoons or straw hats…. There is something so comforting about a well displayed collection, the repetition of form is so pleasing to the eye, and best of all it shares an interesting story that you might not have told many people - a brief teen obsession with vintage cameras, or a crazy adventure in Laos.

When it comes to displaying your collection have fun with it;

  • Do you have a blank wall that can be dedicated to your collection? if your items are not too heavy/precious consider using the temporary stick on hooks which allow you to reshuffle items in a growing collection. 
  • Antique printers trays are easily found in antique/vintage stores/ markets - sat on a coffee table they make great vessels for small items like crystals, pebbles & shells. 
  • Perhaps part of your childhood stamp collection could be framed & hung? 
  • Any open shelf is an opportunity to cluster or group your pieces so they can be admired & appreciated. Below are some examples of beautifully displayed collections, you can find more on this Pinterest board.

Above Images; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

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Natalie x

4 ways to warm your heart on a gloomy day…

May 16th, 2014

We have had our 1st bout of gloomy winter weather here in Perth - when the sun retreats behind dark clouds for a day or two it's amazing how quickly that gloomy feeling can creep up on our mood!

My remedy around this time is to spread warmth and cheer around the home - like investing in winter wardrobe essentials at the start of the season, its nice to treat home in the same way...

  • Stock up on herbal tea varieties so there is always something healthy and warming to sip on throughout the day, make this ritual more beautiful by treating yourself to a special new tea cup or mug. 
  • Swap in extra colour around the home, it can be as simple as switching out white pillowcases for brightly coloured ones, adding a couple of bright cushions to the lounge, or investing in a feature quilt for the bed. 
  • Add extra texture and cosy layers throughout the home, flannel sheets, an extra quilt on the beds, throws & quilts on armchairs/lounges, I treated myself to a gorgeous sheepskin pelt which lays on my office chair and it's seriously the most divine feeling to sink into it - throw one on your favourite reading chair or couch and be warned, you won't want to get up! Ikea have small sheepskin rugs or pay a visit to your local sheepskin store.
  • There are not many things better than snuggling under a quilt with a book & glass of red on a chilly evening - Keep some great reading on the go, I have just completed 'Unbroken' by Laura Hillenbrand which was wonderful and on my winter reading list... Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Fault in our Stars by John Green, Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. When its cold or rainy outside, home is a safe, cosy place to retreat to - we tend to spend more time inside during the winter months so it's well worth injecting some simple luxuries, colour and cosy warm layers to brighten the soul and lift the spirit. Keep scrolling down for more cosy home inspiration...

Above Images: 12345678910.


Natalie x

The chalkboard wall - an easy weekend project to add instant fun to your home…

May 9th, 2014

This week I want to share inspiration for another great non-permanent way to inject interest & fun to your home - the chalkboard wall. We have one in our kitchen, its a full height, 1m wide section of wall in between 2 full height windows - the perfect place to jot down a weekend job list, shopping list or silly messages; over Christmas I drew on a life size Christmas tree complete with gold tree-topper star made from shiny paper.

As well as kitchen/dining zones, chalkboard walls are brilliant in kids rooms or playrooms - get creative & have fun drawing murals - a charcoal wall lit up with chalk drawn stars, a nature scape or busy buildings & houses - imaginative scenes that can constantly evolve and change as the children grow.

A patch of plain wall and a trip down to your local Bunnings for a tin of chalkboard paint & paintbrush is all you need, such an easy weekend project! Of course there is a whole Pinterest board dedicated to chalkboard walls & below are a few favourites to inspire you today...

Above Images: 12345678910.

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Wallpaper ...the most wonderful, non-permanent way to inject personality into your home…

May 1st, 2014

The house featured this week on The Design Files blog is an absolute doozy! A perfectly put together family home which as well as being chic & stylish, has so much character & warmth. I particularly love the use of wallpaper throughout...

Above Images: Fiona Richardson's home via The Design Files (Photography - Sean Fennessy)

Choosing wallpaper can be daunting, but the reward is a wonderful, non-permanent punch of personality & wow.

Wallpaper can be quiet, pretty & soft, loud & proud or create an illusion for the eye. It can envelope all walls in a space - think cosy bedroom or fun powder room, be used for an impactful feature wall, or used sparingly yet effectively behind open shelving, in a nook or above a fireplace.

Over the past few years in Australia, wallpaper has seen a revival, there are many great options to choose from. When it comes to choosing a design, have fun! Go with your heart - there will be one that stands out & screams "pick me, pick me!". If you are ordering online get sample/s 1st to make sure the colour & scale of the pattern is right for you.

Ive put together a storyboard of my favourite wallpapered spaces, if you have been considering wallpaper I would encourage you to be bold and go for it!

Above Images; 12345678.

You can find more gorgeous wallpaper inspiration here.

Natalie x