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An Introduction to Confidently Decorating with Colour…

January 29th, 2015

Making colour choices is one of the more daunting aspects when it comes to decorating, many of us are afraid of making a mistake & sometimes end up stuck in a colourless home for fear of making a bad decision.

Unless you have a very minimal white on white or black & white colour scheme you will want at least a few touches of colour around your home - so whether you have an overall neutral scheme & would love some small pops of colour to lift a space, or you are craving big splashes of happy colour throughout your home, I have some inspiration lined up for the coming months that I hope will give you the courage & inspiration to confidently decorate with colour.


I am not trying to go all 'high school art' on you… But I can’t talk colour without at least touching on the colour wheel basics. I am not suggesting the wheel MUST be consulted before choosing a scheme, (choosing colours that make your heart sing should be the 1st priority) but it is helpful to know the principles behind why some colours look amazing together & others dont quite have the same impact.

The world of the colour wheel can be confusing & contradicting so we will look at it very broadly. There are 3 main, easy to follow schemes that the wheel can help you work with...


A ‘monochromatic' look is when you choose 1 main colour & layer different shades of that same colour. I think monochromatic schemes in all green or all blue (as pictured) are particularly beautiful.

Colours that sit next to each other on the wheel are known as harmonious & also work well together examples of gorgeous harmonious schemes are pink & red, green & yellow or as pictured green & blue.


Opposite colours on the wheel are complementary to each other & can make for a very exciting colour pallet - some great complimentary pallets include; Blue paired with orange (pictured), reds/pink or yellow. Yellow with purple, blue or pink. Greens with red, purple/pink or orange.

I am really excited to explore the world of decorating in colour with you - if you have any specific decorating questions or areas you would love covered in the coming newsletters, please hit reply I would love to hear from you!

Live bright,
Natalie x

How to create an inspiring outdoor sanctuary…

January 23rd, 2015 tagged as GARDEN

Are you feeling the january limbo between work & holiday mode? Busy days at work, at the desk craving fun in the sunshine or squeezing fun into the last days of holidays & ‘back to school’ preparations, the season of parties & social catch ups. I have been taking my work breaks outside in this little spot, a little fresh air works wonders to inject a little holiday into every day...

Sitting here yesterday I was inspired to share a few ideas for creating your own outdoor living room...

Bring the indoors out…

I actually don’t own outdoor cushions, I have a selection of indoor ones that I swap & interchange between my indoor & outdoor sofa's during summer (if your lounge spot gets the sunshine you will either need to bring cushions/quilts inside when not in use or accept that they will fade in the sunlight)

Same goes for stools & side tables, when entertaining outside, our Drum stools & Barrel side tables are dragged outside for versatile extra seating & drinks tables - great if you are short on outdoor space & don’t want lots of furniture cluttering a space.

Colour is your friend...

If your outdoor space consists mainly of decking, concrete & pavers it can tend to look a little opressive, a few splashes of colour will break this up & uplift the space - we had fun with colour in our outdoor space with bright citrus green dining chairs, glazed plant pots in a myriad of lime & aqua shades & kantha quilts/cushions for pops of pink, yellow & aqua.

Potted succulent garden...

No matter how small your outdoor space, try to squeeze in a little greenery - it injects life, colour & interest & will make you smile. A cluster of mismatched pots planted with hardy succulents look great & make a low maintenance instant garden.

Above Images; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Link to shop pieces above;

1. Floral Garland

2. Vintage kantha quilts 'Javas' & 'Jyotis'

3, Tropico Cushion

4, Denim Ikat cushion

5. Painted Stripe floor cushion

6. Drum Stool

7. Native Metal entrance mat

Live bright,

Natalie x

My inspiration for a healthy & bright 2015

January 9th, 2015

Happy 2015! I hope you enjoyed a very merry festive season & managed to take some time to relax, unwind, reflect & set some intentions for an exciting year ahead? The Bowerhouse holidays looked a little like this...

1. Setting soulful goals with Danielle LaPorte's 'The Desire Map' also pictured our 'Lilya cutwork throw' & Denim Shine cushion 2. G&Ts with Terrance on NYE 3. A gorgeous new Fiddle Leaf Fig plant (sitting on our Barrel side table) 4. Coconut & mango smoothie dessert (recipe below)

After the indulgence of festivities & our March wedding fast approaching, I have been experimenting with tasty, healthy recipes to share with you - all from my fave go-to food blogs to inspire healthy eating & 'living bright' in 2015!

The Wholesome Cook Zucchini pasta with coriander & cashew pesto - I am a huge pasta fan but in an effort to reduce gluten & up veggie intake I have found zucchini makes a surprisingly satisfying alternative - slice a whole zucchini very finely using a veggie peeler for ‘pappardelle’ style ribbons & toss for a few minutes in a pan with any kind of homemade pesto, spinach leaves & tinned tuna - delicious!

The Healthy Chef Gluten free zucchini fritters - Great for lunch topped with natural yoghurt & chilli flakes or with salad & a good drizzle of olive oil.

Sprouted Kitchen peanut butter bites - These delightful treats had me at ‘peanut butter' - very quick & easy to make, I made with organic, all natural peanut butter.

Loving Earth super fertile maca slice - Another super easy mid morning or afternoon snack to tide the sugar cravings.

Tales of a Kitchen coconut dessert smoothie - I made this for dessert last night - replaced the banana with 1 large mango & subbed the quinoa flakes for a few macadamia nuts - delicious dairy & sugar free, creamy indulgence!

In other news, we have a lovely selection of vintage kantha quilts on sale at over 50% off! Not just for beds, our kantha's have been popular this summer as sofa throws - perfect to protect your couch from little sticky hands & dirty feet...

50% off Selected Vintage Kantha Quilts...

Click to browse full collection in store - Renka, Isdan, Mala, Jimla, Lakia, Sanhya.

Live bright,

Natalie x