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A peek into my home & the happy kind of blues…

February 13th, 2015 tagged as Decorating

Our home was styled this week for a photo shoot, we were going for a winter look & had lots of fun swapping out my bright, summer colours for a more muted, moody winter colour palette. It showed how easy it is to create a completely different look when you have a neutral canvas to work with - simply by swapping around rugs, cushions, throws & artwork, a whole new look was created in just a couple of hours...

Photos 3 & 4 - Styling by Lisa Quinn-Schofield of FEATHERHORSE studio.

Bowerhouse products featured above:

Bowerhouse Metallic/Jute Stripe Rug - Gold
Barrel Side Table
Ikat Denim Cushion
Crescent Shibori Kantha Quilt

Inky blues & indigos were the favoured shades for the day, so I am feeling inspired to talk about blue today, to show how versatile this colour can be in the home...


The monotone palette for our living room make-over - multiple shades of blue from deep navy, moody indigo to soft blue-grey. Cool blues are balanced out with warmer tones from the rattan, wood, natural jute & metallic gold rug.


A fresh, sophisticated take on the traditional blue & yellow combo - works well when either the teal or the yellow is the dominant colour - if you are feeling brave a tiny pop of pink or aqua blue adds another dimension.

Above image - Fired Earth Tiles


A grown-up, sophisticated palette - rich warm caramel tones contrast perfectly with navy & deep grey-blue.

Above Image - The Design Files, home of Suzanne Gorman


One of my all time favourite colour combinations, I love adding 1 or 2 small pops of bright orange to add fun & balance out a blue space.

Above image - House & Garden UK


A fun, fresh palette - be sure to incorporate deeper tones to balance & ground the space.

Above image - via Gypsy, Sibella Court

Live bright, Natalie x

How to choose a colour palette (warning: may incite happy dancing & heart singing)

February 11th, 2015 tagged as Decorating

I am sharing with you today the 2nd instalment in our 'Decorating with Colour' series, today - my tips on how choose a dreamy colour palette...

  • Choose colours you LOVE You are going to live with these colours every day, they need to uplift & make you smile. Why not simplify things & make the starting point of your collour palette your favourite colour? (This method will only be tricky if you have multiple favourite colours like I do - which is when my next tip comes in handy...)
  • Use a key piece for the space as a starting point... It might be a piece of artwork or a rug, gorgeous curtain fabric you plan to use, a multi coloured bed throw or even a cushion - it may be something you already own or a piece you have your eye on. Pulling 1 or 2 colours from this piece & repeating them throughout the room is an easy way to creative a cohesive colour palette.
  • Forget the trends... Unlike fashion, your homewares purchases need to last longer than 1 or 2 wears, so take magazine articles directing you to ‘Give your Home a Pastel hit this Summer’ with a grain of salt - if you love pastels then go for it, magazines are great for ideas & inspiration but don’t let the trends completely dictate how you decorate your home.

Once you have chosen an accent colour, you might want to balance the space with another 1 or 2 colours (I will share more about how to actually apply these colours to a space later) At this point, it is helpful to refer back to basic colour principles from the colour wheel & classic, never fail 'go-to' colour combinations. I will share a selection of these today & over the coming weeks to provide some inspiration & perhaps get you thinking about colour combos you might never have considered!

Yellow & Aqua

A light & bright combo that I chose for our main living/dining space - yellow & aqua blue contrast beautifully to create a fun, cheerful vibe. If you want to add a 3rd highlight, a tiny touch of bright pink works well - I have a touch of fuchsia pink pattern in a cushion & in a kantha quilt, which is just enough to add that extra layer of depth & interest to the scheme, without overpowering it. Alternatively you could mix in some deeper turquoise as a third accent.

Yellow & Purple

Purple is such an underrated colour; in the home - I like to steer away from the bright purple/violet shades & go for gorgeous grape, deep berry & dusty orchid tones. They work beautifully with bright yellow or deep mustard, mix in some brass or gold decorative pieces & you have a really sophisticated palette, perfect for a guest room, living or dining space. If you want to add a 3rd accent, a soft, muted green ties in well here.

Green & Pink

This is an exciting & fun colour combo - using green as the dominant accent, then adding a splash of pink means these 2 strong colours will complement rather than 'fight' for your attention. Most shades of green & pink work well, although I love the pea green & melon pink combo pictured above. Add a splash of burgundy or deep berry pink or if you are feeling daring, a tiny pop of sunshine yellow as a 3rd accent. I like this palette for a guest room, playroom or kids bedroom/nursery.

Live bright,