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12 lust-worthy spaces…

June 24th, 2015

While sourcing inspiration for a display home project I am working on, I have have rediscovered the gorgeous work of interior photographer Derek Swalwell.

His work has been featured in Australia’s top interior magazines & his portfolio is a treasure trove of inspiration & ideas from lustworthy Aussie homes. I thought I would simply share a few of my faves this week as a little interior eye candy escape...

Above images Derek Swalwell


Links to browse above pieces in store - Uditi, Aalok, Riya, Tamasi, Dhara, Agrata, Aloki, Jasmit, Asmi, Jani, Sukhi, Chandika.

Live bright,
Natalie x

Dull to fun: how to make your home office inspiring…

June 17th, 2015

Workspace, home office, studio or study nook - a spot for a laptop where you catch up on emails & pay the bills, a zone for the kid's homework & crafting or a home office where you spend most of your time, regardless of how big or how it is used, a designated workspace can be clever & inspiring to bring a little fun to the mundane, my top tips below...

  • 1st step in sprucing up this space is to clear clutter - the home office tends to be a breeding ground for useless bits & pieces like old school text books, pens that dont work & electricity bills from 2003, get rid of it all & already the space feels so much lighter.
  • Plan storage needs carefully, if you need to invest - don't buy a piece unless you know exactly how it will be used in your space, choose pieces that have a balance of functionality & style - Ikea is usually my go-to because they have many flexible configurations in each style.
  • Open shelving is a great idea - it is practical, providing easy access to items you regularly use & allows you to inject colour/ interest with books & coordinated magazine holders, storage boxes or baskets.
  • Have fun with pin up boards, use them to display inspirational quotes, family photos, kid's drawings or beautiful images torn from your fave mag - anything that makes you happy & inspires you.
  • A pot plant is a great addition, greenery never fails to uplift & make you smile.

A few inspiring workspaces below, you can find more here...

Above Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Live bright,
Natalie x

Our beautiful new vintage kantha quilt collection…

June 10th, 2015

A lovely big collection of vintage kantha quilts just landed at Bowerhouse & of course I am offering you 1st dibs on these one-off pieces before they go into store!

This collection was designed with grey days & chilly winter evenings in mind, lots of gorgeous colour & pattern to inject inspiration & joy into your day.

Truly a piece that can be used in any room in the home (I currently have 5 kanthas dotted around my house that are in constant use & rotation!) Throw one on a couch or armchair within snuggling reach for chilly evenings & they are also great for protecting your sofa from little sticky hands and dirty feet.

On a bed they instantly update the whole room - treat your bedroom to a luxe layer of colour or add one to the guest bedroom to delight & make visitors feel welcome with a bright burst of colour. They are also fantastic in kid’s rooms, a timelessly beautiful piece to be cherished now as it will be in 10 years time.

Each piece is one of a kind and cannot be re-ordered again, made from vintage panels of soft printed cotton intricately handstiched together.

Quilt dimensions vary, generally all will fully cover a single bed or lay horizontally to cover a double or queen bed (the quilt will cover the bed width-ways and the bottom 2/3 of the bed lengthways)

These quilts are made from vintage material, you can expect to find patches, rough/raw edges & general imperfections in the colour & finish, adding to its unique charm.

Click HERE to browse the collection in store.

Below a selection of pieces shown laid out on a queen size bed...

Live bright,
Natalie x