Don’t forget this on your next building or decorating project…

September 23rd, 2015

Sightlines…. How important are they? The line of sight from one room to another, how 2 spaces connect, the 1st view of a space when you enter, those moments that surprise you & make you want to see more - I think these are important yet often overlooked things to consider when planning a room or space…

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When planning/building a new home or renovating or refreshing an existing one, it is crucial to take time visualising walking into/through the spaces (I know! Easier said than done!). A few things to consider….

  • What view will visitors be faced with when entering your home? Do you want a line of sight right through your home to a view out a large picture window or tall glass sliding doors? Or do you want your main living spaces screened from the front entryway?
  • Thinking about the aligning of windows & door openings to create focal points is a great idea - a cleverly positioned window at the end of a view draws you though the space towards it.
  • When planning a bathroom, where possible hide the toilet out of plain sight, behind the door opening, behind a half wall or obscured by the vanity.
  • When you open the door to a bedroom, do you see clothes baskets or an overflowing wardrobe? Or a beautifully dressed bed, feature armchair or striking piece of art?
  • Walking through a hallway, is there something at the end that sparks interest & entices you towards it?
  • Where possible you ideally want to keep private areas like bathrooms or laundry out of plain sight of your main living areas.
  • When it comes to decorating, think about how 1 room flows to another - for adjoining rooms you may want to keep colour palettes & materials consistent so you have an effortless flow from one room to the next.

For a new build you can design spaces with these ideas in mind, but for existing spaces it can be trickier; however - a simple furniture re-arrangement, space de-clutter or positioning a feature decor item like a chair, plant, lamp, mirror or artwork can be easy ways to improve sightlines & how a space generally looks & feels.


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Live bright,

Natalie x