How to plan your dream space…

June 20th 2013

Well, the selections are finally locked in for our house which is such a relief! I was recently chatting with Catherine, a lovely tribe member also in the middle of a house build who was telling me about her struggle with the stress of making the 'right choices' for her house selections. Over the next few weeks I thought I might share the process and tools I use to plan and decorate a space in the hope you might take away some ideas for your next build, renovation or room refresh!


Above - the moodboard for our upstairs lounge & kitchenette... We wanted to have some fun in this space - a very cool and grown up space for entertaining friends. Taking inspiration from luxe hotel lounges and bars - dark cabinetry, an eastern global influence, wood tones, charcoal greys, warm orange and a pop of chartreuse green.

Use sites like Pinterest & interior blogs to source images that portray the feeling and look you want to achieve in the space. Pinterest is great as you can pin any images you love to a board over time and then refine and choose your favourites for your final moodboard - see my upstairs lounge pinterest board here.

When hunting for inspiration, think outside the box - on holidays take photos of beautiful spaces in your hotel, or that amazing amazing restroom in the hip restaurant you had to book 3 months in advance. (For us, the key inspiration for our upstairs lounge was a luxe lobby bar in an Auckland hotel we stayed at a few years ago)

You can then use a free software program like Picasa to collate these images into a mood board - if computers aren't your thing, you can make your mood board by cutting out magazine pics to create a physical collage.

I am a very visual person so the mood board comes with me when making selections or shopping for decorative elements. It should help you stay focused to your original vision and stick to a consistent style with your decorative choices.

Happy pinning!

Natalie x

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