My Easy DIY Santa Sack

December 14th 2015 tagged as DIY

It is a fact that kids make Christmas more fun & although our little one will still be ‘cooking’ till 2016, I have not been able to resist buying a few Christmas gifts for ‘junior'… ok I will admit I may have gotten a little over excited & taken things too far in creating this Santa sack to fill with pressies & pop under the tree for our little man ;) !

This DIY might look daunting for the ’non-crafty’ & you will need use of a sewing machine but I guarantee this is super simple - only 6 straight lines to stitch, a novice could whip this up in under an hour. I picked up the materials from Spotlight for under $35.00 & yes of course you could buy a cute Santa sack ready made, but there is a certain satisfaction & ‘specialness’ in creating your own - you can design it to tie in with your festive scheme or how about creating a personalised, one of a kind design for each child? I would love to know if you give this DIY a go...

My five point star template was found here & printed to fill an A4 page.

Live bright,
Natalie x

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