My guide to gorgeous concrete floors…

November 5th, 2015

In recent years, concrete has become such a popular flooring option, there are now so many colours, effects & finishes available that there is a concrete floor to suit every home & interior style. We chose concrete for our current home & love it’s beauty & practicality, I thought I would share a selection of gorgeous concrete floors & some tips to keep in mind when deciding if concrete is right for you…

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In a new build, the concrete material for the slab can be chosen with polished concrete floors in mind, care must then be taken throughout the build to protect the slab from damage & towards the end of the build it is cut, polished & sealed to reveal the finished surface. To install concrete floors in an older property an existing slab can be polished, or an extra layer of concrete can be laid over the existing slab & then polished back.

Concrete floors are very durable, easy to mop clean & if desired can be re-buffed every 5 years or so to restore shine.

One thing to keep in mind is that concrete floors can be cold, this has been a problem for us in our current home & for our next build we would not consider concrete without underfloor heating. (If you live in a tropical climate or your home gets plenty of radiant heat from windows the cold may not be an issue)

The colour & finish options for concrete are endless, it can be dyed, acid washed, left in a raw state for a more natural look or aggregate can be added for colour & interest. Different states have specialist concrete suppliers, but a few of the big names to check out are Boral, Hanson & Holcim, these guys have showrooms with their colour & finish options on display.

In our current home (a new build) we went with an aggregate concrete from Holcim ‘Eucalyptus’ - a creamy white colour with pale flecks of aggregate in browns & greys - a lovely neutral look that works with any interior colour scheme. We were also able to continue the same concrete to our outdoor alfresco, we gave the outdoor areas a smooth ‘honed’ finish, continuing the same material outdoors gave us that seamless transition between indoor & out so that when the big sliding doors are opened up, this open plan space merges into one big entertaining zone.

If you have any questions about our experience with concrete floors don’t hesitate to hit reply & ask away :)

Live bright,
Natalie x