My guide to the wonderful world of kitchen splashbacks…

August 28th, 2015

After sourcing kitchen splashbacks for a couple of houses recently, I thought I might share some of my tips & ideas when it comes to choosing from the many wonderful options available these days;

A long lasting, low maintenance, easy to clean option - great for modern kitchens with clean lines. Here are a few tips I have picked up when choosing glass splashbacks;

  • Stick to classic plain/flat colour options rather than shimmery, metallic or glitter effects which are likely to date quickly.
  • There are a couple of glass quality options - ‘Clear’ the standard option glass which will give your splashback a green tinge, or ‘Starphire’, a more expensive, premium quality glass with no tint, giving you a true representation of your chosen colour. Unless you want a blue/green tinge splashback you need to specify Starphire or ‘low iron’ glass.
  • ‘White’ glass splash backs are notoriously difficult to colour match to bench tops & cabinetry, they easily look too stark or the wrong colour tone against other surfaces - I recommend asking your splashback supplier to match to your own chosen off-white paint colour that ties in with your scheme - something soft & neutral that will blend nicely with the other surfaces - if you have a composite bench top try picking out a tone from the colour flecks in the stone. I have recently used Dulux Hog Bristle 1/2 strength (a warm, creamy, neutral) with Essastone ‘Crystal Chalk’ benchtops & Dulux White Duck 1/4 strength (a greyish/beige) with Essastone ‘Bone White’ bench tops which work really well.
  • Do request a sample of your chosen colour before going ahead with the install. Window If you have a lovely outlook from your kitchen, like us - you might want to go for a window that acts as your splash back, it will provide lovely natural light & perhaps give you a view over your garden or greenery covered fence or wall.

Tiles are a versatile option & can be a great way to introduce character & personality to the kitchen. These days there are so many beautiful options in tile shapes & laying patterns, beautiful bevelled edges or special glazed, handcrafted finishes. The beauty of tiles is the versatility - An inexpensive, plain white tile in a rectangle shape laid in an interesting format with a grey colour grout takes an inexpensive material to a whole new level. Some people are anti-tile due to the grout cleaning factor, going for a darker grout colour can minimise this.

Carrera or Calcutta marble might just be the most impressive surface you could choose in a kitchen, but committing to marble does come with some maintenance. Sealing is recommended as acidic food substances can stain marble if left to sit, you would need to keep an eye on any smoke or spitting stains from cooking & it is prone to scratching. In general, being a natural surface it will wear & patina with age, which is not necessarily a bad thing for marble lovers & is one of the attractions of this beautiful material.

If you want the marble look without the maintenance concern, Ceasarstone & Essastone have lovely marble look colour options - a seamless, marble look bench top & splash back like this one could be a beautiful option.

Stainless Steel
Although not that common, stainless steel is a striking & durable option. relatively easy to clean, but does mark easily so regular cleaning is necessary. A great option for a true ‘cooks’ kitchen or if you are going for an industrial look.

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Live bright,

Natalie x